Development Engineer and C-language/Python Programmer

A development engineer/software programmer enthusiast from Regensburg, Germany, that is passionate about the new pace of innovation in e-cars and self-driving vehicles. He makes a difference and ensure that the new technology functions correctly.

By day, you'll find him collaborating with a great car manufacture team of dynamic and creative folk as a electrical engineer to speeding up the pace of Innovation.

By night, you can find him organizing sport events for young dynamic people.
On weekends you'll find him operating a road cycling team.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Hey, I'm Albert Blümel. I'm a development engineer slash c-language, python programmer who has a strong focus on automation. I'm a hybrid nerd or otherwise none as a

  • Development engineer in test application

    I don't just click by drag and drop. I'm familiar with automated function validation of software in the field of automotive engine control and driver assistant to achive the highest securtiy level possible.

  • Software programmer for automation

    I love to hand code my experience using the latest programing technologies such as C,C++ and Python.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do"

Steve Jobs

  • I'm passionate about creative, emotional and rememberable experience that get people talking about a product. Here is a selection of my favourite projects.

    Portfolio Item

    Project Terra Dos


    Maintenance service for beet lifting technologies including engines, transmissions and hydraulic components

    Portfolio Item

    Project Powertrain


    Design of test adapters and automated start-up PCB – measurement system for power electronic

    Portfolio Item

    Project i


    Programming and commissioning of automation applications for ECU (electronic control)

Autonomic Drive 4 Life

Every year over 30000 people will lose their life because of human errors in traffic. I find great enjoyment in developing technology for vehicle safety. Autonomic drive could be a real game changer for a better live. Autonomic drive 4 life

The "Weltenburger Dunkles Radler - Kriterium" is a road cycling race, which let me sometimes feel superhuman!

  • Here is a selection of pictures from my latest favourite social project.

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    Portfolio Item


    Portfolio Item


If you are looking for a development engineer for your next project, let’s talk. Get in touch with me.